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Mercedes is located 43 km from Alamos Gold 3 Moz Mulatos Gold Mine, 40 km from Agnico’s 1 Moz La India Gold Mine, and adjacent to Minera Alamos’ Santana and Santa Rosa projects. Infrastructure and support services are available to the project. A paved highway, Federal Hwy 16, runs through the western portion of the claims. Electricity, mail, phone services and accommodation are available at the nearby villages of Yecora and Santana. An electrical line (C.F.E.) runs through the property parallel to the highway.

Property Location

Mercedes property location

Positioned towards the western edge of the mineral province, Mercedes is predominantly underlain by intrusive rocks, granodiorite-monzonite plutonic rocks and quarts feldspar porphyry dykes and stocks exposed by erosion of intermediate and felsic volcanic packages of the lower and upper volcanic sequences.

The thick volcanic sequences are characteristic of the region and form much of the Sierra Madre Occidental. Outcrop in key areas of the property are strongly altered, brecciated intrusives and some propylitically altered volcanics. Zoned assemblages of silica, vuggy silica, phyllic, argillic and distal propylitic alteration are recognized. The main prospect area “La Lamosa” is a prominent, highly oxidized red ridge, visible from the highway. At least two additional early stage targets have been identified within the claim boundaries.

View of La Lamosa Hill from Federal Highway 16

View of La Lamosa Hill from Federal Highway 16

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